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An innovation in
fire protection

Non-combustible. Thermal insulation.

Even at ~2500°C.

What is PT FirstOne?

PT FirstOne (PTFO) is the inorganic, non-combustible and thermally insulating construction fiber material from PolyTec GmbH Kunstofftechnik. Developed by Managing Director Ronald Breker. We use PTFO to manufacture two- and three-dimensional components using a wide range of manufacturing technologies. This enables us to offer high-quality solutions for a wide range of applications in various industries, especially when conventional materials no longer meet the requirements.

PT First High Strength Panel #2.png

Products from PT FirstOne.
Innovative, reliable, unbeatable.

Unser PT First High Strength Panel

Non-combustible. Highly resistant. Unlimited safety.

The PT First Battery Panel

Safety in the e-mobility era


Protection against the consequences of thermal runaway.

2 mm thick. 

Firefly The deep ocean from above. Cruise ships can be seen in the distance of the ocean_e

B15 Window Box

Safety and elegance for the high seas


PolyTec on YouTube

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We celebrate 25 years

We have been driving innovation for 25 years.
Founded on 22.03.1999 as a manufacturer of classic GRP, we developed our pioneering material PT FirstOne in 2009 and have successfully established it in shipbuilding ever since.
Today, we offer cross-industry solutions that shape the future.

Firefly A white fire protection panel wi

Technical properties & fire protection standards

Verlaufs Sustainability.png


What makes PT FirstOne a sustainable material.

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Ronald Breker is the Managing Director of PolyTec GmbH Kunststofftechnik and the inventor of non-combustible inorganic construction materials, as well as the namesake of PT FirstOne.

"Our materials have all the advantages of classic fiber composites, but are non-flammable and resistant to high temperatures. Our products have diverse, irreplaceable and unique properties."

Find out more about the implementation options and experience fire protection on a whole new level.

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