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PT First Battery Panel

The future is here. 

With an innovative thickness of just 2 mm, our PT First Battery Panel provides a lightweight yet robust spatial separation between the lithium-ion batteries and the passenger cell.

Our panel is specifically designed to provide protection in the event of a thermal runaway - a potentially dangerous event in which a lithium-ion battery catches fire. Thanks to its unique material composition and construction, the PT First Battery Panel withstands the extreme conditions of a battery fire and ensures the safety of vehicle occupants.

The PT First Battery Panel is not only extremely thin and lightweight, but also high-strength and non-flammable. It meets the strictest safety standards while offering optimum performance and reliability.

Discover the future of fire protection in electromobility today with the PT First Battery Panel.

Only 2 mm thick.

Because space is often crucial.

Because extreme conditions require it.

Temperature resistance even at ~1800°C.

Protection from the pyro beam.

>20 seconds


Not just panels, but any geometry.

Firefly A 2 mm thick flat white panel made of a fiber composite material with a smooth sur

An innovation in fire protection

Future-proof. Incombustible. Robust protection for the e-mobility evolution.

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