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B15 Window Box

Safety and elegance for the high seas.
In all sizes.

B15 Classification

Our non-combustible window boxes for shipbuilding not only offer an aesthetically pleasing solution, but also maximum safety. With their B15 classification, the window boxes made from our inorganic construction fiber material PT FirstOne set a new standard for fire protection at sea.

PT B15 Window Boxes thermal insulation integrity 2024.png

Thermal insulation and complete integrity

Non-combustibility alone does not make our Window Boxes special. They also offer impressive thermal insulation and even under hours of fire bombardment they retain their complete integrity. Depending on the material thickness, our Window Boxes can even meet REI 120 to REI 240 standards. This means they offer unwavering protection in any fire situation and prevent the spread of fires on board.

No smoke development

In addition, there is a decisive advantage: no smoke development in the event of fire.
Thanks to our innovative material, no smoke is produced even at extreme temperatures, which significantly increases safety on board. This unique property makes our window boxes the preferred choice for shipbuilding projects where safety is the top priority.

Decorative surfaces

                                                                                                                           With the B15 Window Box, we also offer a variety of decorative finish options.
From elegant wood grains to modern metallic finishes, we can offer a wide range of finishes to add an aesthetic touch to any shipbuilding project.

Any dimensions

With our flexible production techniques, we are able to manufacture window boxes in almost any conceivable dimension and shape to meet the individual requirements of our customers.
Whether classic rectangular, circular or in a completely individual geometry - we implement your visions precisely and deliver tailor-made solutions for every project.

International certification

It goes without saying that our B15 Window Boxes, our material, our company and its processes are certified and meet the international requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Material PT FirstOne

B15 Window Box

Our elegant, white surface DS1

Quality assurance system

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