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An innovation in fire protection

Technical properties

Our material PT FirstOne is a non-combustible, extremely pressure-resistant and thermally insulating construction fiber material that is used to manufacture three-dimensional and non-combustible components.

PT FirstOne, PTFO for short, fulfills relevant fire protection requirements across all industries and has diverse, unique and irreplaceable properties.

PT FirstOne is based on an inorganic material composition consisting of finely granulated minerals and a phosphoric acid preparation. This conglomerate, combined with various fiber and fabric mats, ultimately forms our inert, non-combustible construction fiber material. PTFO thus transforms into an inert, solid substance when exothermic.

PT FirstOne has all the advantages of classic fiber composites, but also has other unique and irreplaceable benefits:

Non-flammable at up to > 2500°C

Thermal insulation in the high temperature range depending on the material thickness (>12 mm = F30 - F240)

No smoke development

No decomposition or liquid dripping of PTFO in the event of fire

Our material maintains complete integrity when exposed to fire for hours at temperatures above 1500°C

Not electrically conductive

Thickness from 1 mm

Compressive strength 225 kN / 140 N/mm²

Bending tensile strength 55 N/mm²

Density <1.70 kg/dm³

Airborne sound insulation Rw 33 dB according to ISO 10140 - 2


<13000 N/mm²

Moisture content ~1%

Average value of MARHE

(maximum value of the average heat release rate)

0.71 kW/m²

Thermal conductivity ~0.175 W/(m*K)

Fire protection standards & certifications

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Building products

Building products

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Rail transport

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Airborne sound insulation

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Pressed parts

Fire resistance class


  • PT FirstOne is orientation tested up to F240 / REI240, and thus fulfills fire resistance classes F30, F90, F120, F240 depending on the cross-section and material thickness 

  • Also successfully orientation tested to A30/A60 

Fire Resistance Test F90 PolyTec, Feuerwiderstandsprüfung
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