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PT First
Handicap Ramp

Non-flammable. Not electrically conductive. Extremely robust.

The PT Ramp is an indispensable solution for accessibility on platforms at subway stations. This specially developed handicap ramp provides wheelchair users with safe and easy access to the trains, significantly improving their mobility. With a variety of outstanding features, the PT Ramp offers an optimal solution for the demanding requirements at public transportation hubs:

Absolutely non-flammable

The PT Ramp is made of our innovative PT FirstOne, a material that guarantees absolute non-combustibility. This ensures that the PT Ramp does not support flames in the event of a fire, which significantly increases safety in high-traffic areas such as subway stations.

Electrical insulation

In addition to its non-flammability, PT Ramp also does not conduct electricity. This is of crucial importance for use in subway stations, where the avoidance of electrical conductivity is an important requirement in order to minimize the risk of accidents and electrical faults.

Robustness and durability

The PT Ramp easily withstands mechanical stress, wear and weathering, making it ideal for busy platforms. With minimal maintenance, it offers the highest quality and safety in the long term, which also makes it a cost-effective long-term solution.

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Any geometries

Our manufacturing technologies allow us to produce the PT Ramp in almost any shape imaginable. This means that it can be specifically adapted to the architectural and functional requirements of each individual station, providing a flexible and needs-based solution for different platform designs.

Anti-slip coating

The PT Ramp has a high-quality anti-slip coating that ensures a safe and non-slip surface, guaranteeing safe passage for people with walking disabilities and wheelchair users. We adapt the coating to the specific requirements in terms of slip resistance and can meet any desired slip resistance class.


The handicap ramp has been designed to withstand even the most demanding environmental conditions. Its resistance to extreme weather conditions, UV radiation and moisture makes it a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for use on platforms and subway stations. 

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PT FirstOne

Behind the performance of the PT Ramp is the innovative PT FirstOne material, which offers a range of unique features that make it an ideal choice for the most demanding applications

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