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Nicht brennbare PT FirstOne Platte individuell anpassbar, Thermisch Isolierend

Our material PT FirstOne is a revolutionary construction fiber material that offers unique advantages over conventional materials. Thanks to its excellent properties, PT FirstOne is used in a wide range of industries and has proven to be one of the best solutions for preventive fire protection.

Depending on the formulation, PT FirstOne is non-flammable at temperatures of up to 2500°C and does not produce any smoke. PTFO thus offers unbeatable safety and prevents further spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.

In addition to preventive fire protection, PT FirstOne also provides excellent thermal insulation in the high-temperature range. Depending on the thickness of the material, PT FirstOne meets up to F240.In addition, the material does not decompose and does not drip, which also contributes to safety in the event of a fire.

PT FirstOne is not only safe, but also environmentally friendly and recyclable. The material is inert and the components maintain their integrity for hours at temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

This makes PT FirstOne an ideal solution for applications in shipbuilding, construction, aviation, rail transport and many other industries.

Our PT FirstOne components are high-strength and not electrically conductive. This also makes them suitable for applications in areas where high strength and insulation are required, such as in the construction industry.

in uIn our company we are proud to develop individual solutions for our customers. Contact us to learn more about how PT FirstOne can also be used for your specific requirements.

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