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An innovation in fire protection

Fire safety standards

Fire safety standards are crucial in many areas of daily life. In buildings and public facilities in particular, it must be ensured that people are protected from the flames and smoke in the event of a fire. However, fire protection standards also play an important role in other areas, such as transportation or the electrical industry, in order to minimize the risk of fires.


The PolyTec product PT FirstOne is used when traditional, well-known materials cannot meet the requirement profile. PT FirstOne is a particularly high-performance material that has been specially developed for use in fire protection-relevant areas. It meets the highest fire protection requirements and thus ensures maximum safety

Among other things, our material has been tested for REI240, which it meets without any problems. REI240 is one of the highest fire protection classes and stands for a fire resistance duration of 240 minutes. This means that the material can withstand a fire for at least four hours, providing sufficient time for evacuations and rescue operations.


At PolyTec, we are proud to have developed PT FirstOne, a material that meets the highest fire protection standards. Our customers can rely on PT FirstOne to provide them with a safe and reliable solution for their fire protection-related applications.

Verifiably tested for:

  • B15

Among others, orientierent tested to:

  • REI 240 (F240)

  • REI 120 (F120)

  • A30, A60

Frachter im Hafen angedockt

fire safety standards


IMO MSC.307 (88)

(FTP code 2010) Appendix 1:

  • Part 1 (shipbuilding, non-combustibility)

  • Part 3 / B15 (shipbuilding, fire resistance and thermal insulation as well as component integrity)

  • Part 5 (shipbuilding, decorative fire protection)

Fire Resistance Test F90

Fire Resistance Test F90
Flue gas density VOF, toxicity index CIT EN-45545-2

Test results standard EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2015

Extensive normative material tests have been carried out and as an example the following test results:

Classification result without decorative application
The material fulfills according to EN 45545-2: the requirement set R1 and hazard level HL1, HL2 and HL3

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