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Preventive fire protection

Thermal insulation

Shipbuilding is a complex and demanding industry that places the highest demands on safety and functionality. In particular, protection against fires on the river and on the high seas is of crucial importance.


This is where PolyTec comes in, as we specialize in the production of non-combustible B15 window boxes for shipbuilding.


PolyTec relies on our proprietary PT FirstOne material, which is characterized by its non-combustibility and thermal insulation in the high-temperature range.

PolyTec's B15 window boxes are a safety-relevant component that comply with IMO Resolution MSC.307(88) - FTP Code 2010 Annex 1, Part 3 without additional insulation.


The cross-section of the window box partition is a maximum of 25 mm thick and complies with non-combustibility according to IMO Resolution MSC.307 (88) - FTP Code Appendix 1, Part 1.


Temperature measurements during the test phase according to the unit temperature curve show that the temperatures on the side of the section facing away from the fire were at a maximum of 79°C (the normative requirement is 180°C) in the 16th minute.

At the 33rd minute, integrity was fully maintained and the temperature was 119°C.

B15 window box as a fire protection solution for marine applications


The surface of B15 window boxes is easy to clean, decorative and resistant.

It meets the flame retardancy according to resolution MSC.307 (88) - FTP Code 2010 Appendix 1, Part 5.

The B15 window box, made with PT FirstOne non-combustible construction material, has a very robust surface that cannot be damaged during handling as well as during installation in the fire wall. The use of inserts is possible.


Of course, PolyTec also offers other components for shipbuilding that meet the highest safety requirements. These include, for example, a non-combustible wash basin in accordance with the IMO standard.


In the case of a combustion process using PT FirstOne materials, hazardous substances and emissions such as hydrogen cyanide HCN (hydrocyanic acid), carbon monoxide CO, nitrogen monoxide / nitrogen dioxide NO / NO2, sulfur dioxide SO2, hydrogen fluoride HF, hydrogen chloride HCI, carbon dioxide CO2 and hydrogen bromide HBr are avoided.

PT FirstOne - The solution for maximum fire safety in the shipbuilding industry

Fire safety standards


IMO MSC.307 (88)

(FTP code 2010) Appendix 1:

  • Part 1 (shipbuilding, non-combustibility)

  • Part 3 / B15 (shipbuilding, fire resistance and thermal insulation as well as component integrity)

  • Part 5 (shipbuilding, decorative fire protection)

Decorative window box that is non-combustible and for shipbuilding.

Services for our customers

At PolyTec, we have a deep understanding of the challenges in shipbuilding and are committed to developing customized solutions for maximum safety and functionality. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry and intensive collaboration with customers worldwide, we have gained extensive know-how to understand our customers' needs and provide effective solutions.


Our innovative materials and technologies enable shipbuilders around the world to provide the highest level of safety and quality to their customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and develop effective solutions that meet their needs. In doing so, we take into account not only the technical requirements, but also budgetary constraints and time constraints.

Our goal at PolyTec is to provide our customers with a long-term partnership to jointly develop and implement sustainable solutions. Through close cooperation and our many years of experience in shipbuilding, we are able to develop innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their goals

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Technical data of PT FirstOne

Learn more about the technical properties of our products from PT FirstOne

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