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What do our products do?

With our PT FirstOne material, which is non-flammable as well as thermally insulating and from which we can manufacture any three-dimensional components, there are a multitude of ways in which we can support the rail transport industry and transport operators at their stations and in tunnels.


With PT FirstOne, PolyTec has developed solutions for the rail industry and for transport operators that meet the highest requirements for safety and functionality. In particular, protection against fires is crucial to ensure passenger safety.


For example, an important application of our non-combustible PT FirstOne materials in the rail transportation industry is handicap ramps attached to platforms. Our ramps meet the highest safety standards and are specifically designed for use near tracks.


PolyTec's non-combustible ramps are robust, durable and have an anti-slip coating. They are not electrically conductive, which is an important safety aspect on platforms. Our ramps offer high stability and are particularly resistant to mechanical loads, such as the weight of heavy wheelchairs or luggage.


PolyTec relies on our own developed material PT FirstOne, which is characterized by its non-combustibility, enormous compressive strength and thermal insulation in the high-temperature range. PolyTec's ramps meet the requirements of ISO 11925-2 and DIN EN 13501-1 testing.


PolyTec's handicap ramps are an important component in helping to make platforms barrier-free. With our ramps, we help ensure that people with limited mobility can board and disembark trains safely and comfortably.

PolyTec also offers other solutions for the rail industry. For example, we can use our PT FirstOne material to produce non-combustible cladding for the walls of trains and stations. These claddings are not only safe, but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.


In addition to our non-combustible PT FirstOne materials, we also offer complex solutions made of classic GRP. With our many years of experience in GRP processing, we are able to realize even complex projects such as the production of a driver's cab for trains and streetcars. Our expertise and technological know-how also enable us to meet our customers' individual requirements.


PolyTec has many years of experience working with customers in the rail industry. We understand the challenges this industry presents and are committed to developing customized solutions that meet the highest safety standards. Our innovative technology and expertise enable us to provide our customers worldwide with customized solutions that meet their requirements.


Our goal at PolyTec is to offer our customers a long-term partnership to jointly develop and implement future-proof solutions. We are proud to contribute to making the rail industry safer and more accessible.


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